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Portfolio of Capaz Softech Pvt. Ltd. - Shop USA

Shop USA

Ecommerce Development ecommerce-consulting, css3, html5, bootstrap, php, magento I’m using technology :- Magento,Bootstrap,Photoshop HTML5 /CSS3,Jquery,Ajax
Portfolio of Capaz Softech Pvt. Ltd. - DSHM Jaipur Dangayach School Of Hotel Management


Web Development javascript, css, html5, php The website based on PHP, Boostrap, MySQL, Javascript, jQuery,...
Portfolio of Capaz Softech Pvt. Ltd. - Imgpsh

Dream Cab Jaipur

Ecommerce Development javascript, html5, core-php This project based on core PHP, HTM5, Javascript.
Portfolio of Capaz Softech Pvt. Ltd. - Aqua SMS

Aqua SMS

Web Development javascript, html5, css, wordpress Website based on wordprss, Css, HTML5, JavaScript.
Portfolio of Capaz Softech Pvt. Ltd. - JaganRaj Professional Studies

Jagan Raj

Web Development javascript, jquery, mysql-programming, php Skill- PHP, Javascript, Jquery, SQL.
Portfolio of Capaz Softech Pvt. Ltd. - The Fairies

The Fairies

Ecommerce Development sql, ecommerce-consulting, jquery, css, javascript, php This site based on PHP, MySQL, Javascript,...
Portfolio of Capaz Softech Pvt. Ltd. - Jaipur Yellow pages

Dial Me Now

Web Development jquery, mysql-programming, php Skill use- PHP, SQL,Jquery.
Portfolio of Capaz Softech Pvt. Ltd. - Northern Home Rescue Protect

Northern Home Rescue

Ecommerce Development wordpress, woocommerce, php, html5, html, css Using- PHP, HTML,Woo-commerce, Payment gateway,

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Service of Capaz Softech Pvt. Ltd. - Online Marketing - Digital Marketing Services
Online Marketing/Digital Marketing Services

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Service of Capaz Softech Pvt. Ltd. - Social Media & Search Engine Optimization
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Service of Capaz Softech Pvt. Ltd. - Social Media & Search Engine Optimization
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Who we are?

We are the Custom Website Development Agency in Jaipur

In today’s online and internet marketing world, a website is the crucial thing which is required to gain success and to earn visibility. It is the best way to increase not only your business but also to attract more customers. To cope up with the online market one must own an excellent website.

The correct website can either make or break your business, in this digital age it is must to have a website that can deliver your business needs.

Our Features


We at Capaz Softech provide custom web development services. We have more than 20 years of experience and have expertise in corporate website development, landing page development. We follow agile development process and we assure that client engagement is proper and maintain a transparent process to provide a high quality output.

We produce visually attractive, innovative and professional designs, which are individually created to reflect the style, presence and corporate identity of the Client’s Company through our website development India solutions.

We provide responsive web development services, ecommerce website development services, WordPress website development services and android app development services.


We have a team of young and dynamic professionals working under a team of experts and seniors who have more than 30 years of experience in web development.

With such refined resources Capaz Softech not only provides you the best services but also gives you robust, dynamic and scalable websites. We make the website which helps in engaging the visitors and give them easy access to the pages and a user friendly website.


Save your precious time and money as we provide affordable web development services. Get the benefits of latest and best tools and technologies, we have innovative ideas and we come with unique design and features, so get ready to outsource your next web design project and get access to world class capabilities.