How to Create a Dating App: Marketing Ideas and Tips

The days of meeting people in parks, libraries or clubs have passed. Technology development started a new era, even in such parts of human life as dating and falling in love. In the world where Internet rules, you have no need to hunt for your better half. Everything is more relaxed and has less drama. Nowadays, you just set your preferences, and the system finds you a perfect match, considering the given information. Today, you can demonstrate your affection with one swipe.

Dating apps and sites are considered to be a separate world you can enter with the Internet access. Every day millions of people create their profiles in apps like Tinder and search for matches. Numerous dating platforms take responsibility for their users’ love life. And, year by year, their popularity only grows.

Are dating apps still relevant in 2020?

Everyone knows how much dating apps transformed our way of living. This theme remains pretty controversial. Some people love them, some - don't. Those who have experienced the drawbacks of online dating, continue using it, secretly swiping profiles.

The popularity of online dating apps can be explained in several ways. People enjoy the convenience that apps give them, a lengthy introduction out of chats, messages, and video calls before the real date, automatization of a simple matchmaking process, a chance to find a match doing your job, or having rest at home, etc.

In 2020 the dating app market is overwhelming, and the popularity is being far from declining. Google receives more and more requests, like what is the best mobile dating app?

Its high popularity results in high profits. Therefore, dating apps will continue to grow success, and developers will bring new and innovations to lure new members. Nothing surprising that how to start a dating website business is also very another popular request. It is indeed an excellent option to start a business and make some money.

Key factors to understand before starting a dating website or app

Well, every big or small business needs preparation. Before you make sure you want to devote your time to dating app development, it’s necessary to learn and understand couple essentials, which will help your business go up and make your creation become a new Tinder.

1. Do your research

As simple as it sounds. To create something successful, you should understand the field like a duck to water. Explore the internet, read hundreds of reviews about best dating apps' pros and cons, not to repeat their mistakes. Before starting to think about how you should build a dating app, be sure you have used many of them yourself as well. Be a professional, not an amateur. Otherwise, your creation will stay unnoticed.

2. Mind your finances.

Now, to receive the money, you should invest first. Research how dating apps make money, consider your cash flow, and determine moments when you can face some problems. Do not go all in. It would be quite pitiful to invest money and lose due to a simple lack of knowledge. Besides, dating site creation is not a cheap investment. It can involve many technical processes that may take up to 1000 hours. If we consider 1 hour to cost $20, you'll see quite an impressive number.

3. Set your goals.

Have a clear understanding of why you do it in the first place. It's important. This understanding can push you in the right direction to the creation of your dream product. Create a business plan, write there all your intentions and use it to understand the stages of your app development clearly.

4. Choose the audience.

It will fulfill the idea you have and boost its realization. Also, it will help you to determine your site localization and content. Don't try to reach every single internet user. Choose a specific niche—for example, the LGBT community. When your target audience is this narrow, it easier to compete with other niche dating platforms. Obviously, it is a tough task for a newbie to compete with Tinder.

5. Be ready to face failure.

Of course, you should always hope for the best. But you cannot move without mistakes on your first try. The same rule is applicable for making a dating app. Your app may not gain success immediately, and everything can turn not the way you planned it, expences may get more prominent than you thought, etc. So, don't be afraid to ask for help. Contact an expert, take his advice. Every bug is fixable. Just don't give up.

Dating app development: step by step guide

Now, after discussing all the essential details you have to keep in mind, we can finally answer the central question: how to start an online dating service? We have prepared a very detailed and understandable step by step guide, that will help you to start an online dating business.

1. Create an idea.

Before starting the technical part, think about a unique feature, something that will defer your app from the rest apps. It can be a challenge, considering the verity of existing apps. However, still possible. Remember that you should not duplicate something that already exists. In this case, people just won't notice it. Also, don't be sure that the idea will come to your mind during the creation process. As have already been said, a plan goes first, while everything else – later.

2. Think the design through.

Though the app's successful work is defined by its technical characteristics, many people choose the one that looks pretty and pleasant to the eye. Study trends that will be actual for a long time while starting a dating website or app. As you know, our life now is hectic and filled with events. That's why apps with intuitive design are the most popular ones among dating communities. They are just super simple. If we talk about the color scheme, think about something light, airy, and quite minimalistic. Keep in mind that all the necessary information should be incorporated into your design as well. Don’t forget about big and clear pictures for everyone’s convenience.

3. Work on servers.

Popular dating apps deal with tons of user's personal information every hour. To avoid any problems that can arise, make sure you've created powerful and secure servers that won't fail you in the most crucial moment. Also, if you have been thinking about how to make a dating app, it's important to think about bringing it to both Android and iOS platforms. This way, you will let more people use your app.

4. Provide safety.

It is, probably, the most important question a person asks when he or she chooses a dating app. Unfortunately, everyone considers such communication platforms to be quite dangerous. Since the beginning of dating apps development, a lot of scammers occupied them. That's why now developers concerned about members' safety more than ever. Provide them with verified profiles and safety tips. Also, clearly outline your privacy policy. You'll gain even more trust and create a dating app that is safe and sound.

5. Modernize the registration process.

People usually enjoy it when they can sign in somewhere using their existing social app account. It's not unusual at all: this way works much faster and conveniently than filing in password and login fields. As a developer, you should think only about your members' convenience, so keep this in mind.

6. Be ready to answer questions.

It doesn't matter if your app seems to be the easiest one on the Earth. You should remember that all users may want to ask you a question, ask for help, suggest improvement ideas, etc. Create a Customer Support that will work 24/7 to communicate with those who've trusted their love life to you. You should be ready to communicate a lot if you want to create a dating app.

7. Monetize your app.

Last but not least point in our guide on how to build a dating app is profit. Further, you should be able to provide users with updates and receive money from the app. Thus, choose the monetization method you like. There are a couple of them. You can add a subscription function, paid additional features, or add advertizing to your app.

Any business takes time, work, and finances. Dating App business is no exception. But if you are not afraid of difficulties and have a brilliant idea that will blow the world of online dating apps, consider our tips and start planning. Good luck!