Modern SEO Tactics

Now great attention of search engines is paid to those indicators that make a site enjoyable and interesting for users. All of the following SEO tactics have developed with time in order to provide users with only the best quality experiences:

  1. Usability

No matter what the rankings and traffic numbers of your site are, if it is not convenient and not easy to use, a user will simply leave it. The goal of usability is to make a visitor feel comfortable on a website so that they perform the necessary actions and returns again. This tactic should be given special attention, as it affects not only behavioral factors but also the conversion process as a whole. Use heat maps or web viewer to look at your site from the perspective of a user and do your best to eliminate flaws that poison user experience of your website.

  1. A site should be adapted for mobile devices

A site should be convenient and correctly displayed on all devices, in other words, it should be adaptive for all the types of devices that a user might use to use your website. The great popularity of mobile devices led to the release of the mobile-first algorithm. Its essence lies in the fact that the mobile-adapted sites will be displayed in priority when it comes to search engines, and sites that are incorrectly displayed on smartphones, on the contrary – will be way down. And now, for successful SEO promotion, it is necessary to exert maximum efforts for the construction of a truly convenient and responsive website for all the platforms and devices.

  1. SEO copywriting and quality content

As you probably already know, the method of SEO promotion through re-optimized texts has already died and can only cause harm to a website owner. But this does not mean that keywords are not needed at all, as they determine the relevance of the content relative to the requests of a user. When optimizing text and meta tags (title and description of an article), you just need to keep track of their frequency and natural occurrence so that an article remains readable, useful, and informative, and a user would want to read it to the end, and not just drop it because it is muddled with keywords.

  1. External optimization

Anyone who says that SEO tactics that utilize external links no longer work is deeply mistaken. We are not talking about various directories - this method is really dead, no discussion about it. But high-quality external optimization plays a big role in the success of website promotion in search engines. In order to achieve a positive result, it is important to select the donors correctly, take into account their topics and attendance, the anchors used and the most important criterion - a link should look as natural as possible.

  1. Social networks

Social networks are increasingly evolving, and this has not gone unnoticed by search engines. Any activity in social networks associated with your site has a positive effect on its position - these can be likes, reposts, links that redirect users of social networks to your site, etc. The aspect of promotion in social networks has become one of the important steps in successful SEO promotion.

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