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  • Saksham Chhabra says:

    Getting likes and followers on Facebook
    Where to buy likes? Modern promoters have long discovered the commercial profit of using likes in social nets as Facebook. First, the quantity of likes of at least 1000 pieces can attract as many again, moreover those who are the real consumers. Second, from the financial point of view the likes purchase is much more beneficial than buying expensive advertisement in mass media or PR campaigns. And third, Facebook gains such a mighty popularity that if one doesn’t occupy his niche now – the business competition will be so strong and it will be too hard to overcome it in the nearest future. Therefore for the successful businessmen it goes without doubt to promote his goods or services by means of Facebook. The usual client usually has the following questions:

    - How is it safe for my profile / business page. Can Facebook punish or block for the purchase of likes / followers?
    - Will my subscribers notice that I have received the purchased fans? Will they arrive on my page instantly and all at once?
    - Can they write anything bad or leave negative feedback?
    - What will happen if after a while, for example, in a month, all the fans disapear from Facebook profile?
    In fact, there are many more questions, I have plenty of experience to answer them, but now we will stop at the core! So:
    1) Promoting your personal profile or business page is absolutely safe! We use only safe methods that have been tested for years. The whole process of promotion is absolutely natural and users who will add real people.
    2) Theoretically, subscribers can notice that your number of likes and fans increases, but this is not a direct proof of purchase. Moreover, as experience shows, people pay more attention to their pages than others. Plus, the promotion is carried out at regular intervals and the speed depends on the service (from 50 to 15,000 likes in a day)
    3) Any user in Facebook can do this, such is the policy of social networks. But with fbskip, in case of a negative situation, we can contact the performer (subscriber) and ask him to change his mind.
    4) In this case, we give a full refill guarantee. This means that even if in 5 years, some of the likes/ fans unfollow, then we will add them again for free.

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